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Save Trees, Save Nature, Save Lives, Save Future.

Save The Trees, Water and Nature, Because They are Base of Life...!!

Dear Friend ! We Know that The Trees are Giving Us An Most Valuable and Priceless Thing of GOD and Without It WE Can't Live. It's Most Important for Living Element of World That Is Humans, Animals, Insects and Many More and We Take It Now and Forever for Survive in World And It Is "Oxygen on Air".

Yes Friend Oxygen is Extremely Most Important, For Our Environment, Without it The World is NO More !! Because We (Humans) are Take Oxygen From It and Release Carbon Di Oxide (CO2) and It Have Very Dangerous For Other Humans, Animals and Living Elements of World. But, They are Absorb Carbon Di Oxide (CO2) and Many More Dangerous Ultra Violet Green House Gases Like This and Save Our Environment Safely For Living and Control Global Warming and Reducing Earth Temperature, and Make A Role as Shield of Safe Nature and Eco System.And Also They Are Natural Resource of Whole Raw Material of Vegetables, Fruits, Nutritions, Foods, Medicines, Clothing, Wood etc. They are Mostly Depends on Trees/Plants.

The Earth’s Globe Are Showing Two Natural Colors Blue And Green. For Our Earth’s Natural Beauty. Blue Is Due To Water And Green Is Due To Greenery (Trees and Plants). But We Are Regularly Cutting Trees And Help to Polluting The Environment Very Fastly. If No Trees and Plants are Living on Earth Then Everything Will Be Look Like, Just Bore And Blank and Nothing To Survive or Living. Without Trees and Plants There Will Be No Green Left On Globe ! If We Don't Save Trees/Plants then Our Next Generation Will be Survive in Many Problem and Our Environment Has Been Polluted.

So, I Requested You to Please Take Care of Existing Trees and Plants and Take an Commitment For Growing Their Numbers of Trees Plants in This "Beautiful Earth" and Save Environment, Save Nature for Our Safe Future !!!

Please Support "Mission Clean, Green & Eco Friendly Environment" Globally !

And Share Your Valuable Participation For Save Trees, Water, and All Natural Resources For Next Generation or Future...!!!

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